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Ramesh Vangal
Founder, Chairman
Mr. Ramesh Vangal is the Chairman of the Katra Group. The Katra Group was co – founded by Ramesh and Katharin Vangal in 2001. The Katra Group is building a footprint across key platforms through both strategic investments, and owned and operated businesses. The Katra Group has built a strategic presence across diverse sectors including wellness, technology, infrastructure & marine logistics, agri businesses, leisure and lifestyle products and services. Ramesh started his career with Procter & Gamble in Geneva, Switzerland. Ramesh was President, Asia Pacific for PepsiCo Foods and also a Member of PepsiCo’s Worldwide Executive Council.

Ramesh Vangal
Founder, Chairman
  Katharin Zimpel Vangal
Founder, Co-Chairperson
  Global Board
Ron Pearce
Vice Chairman
  Gokul Patnaik
Vice Chairman
  M C Mohan      
  Business Leaders
Agri Science:   Gokul Patnaik, SK Sharma,
Healthcare:   Dr. K. Anilkumar,
Marine:   Gokul Patnaik
Leisure & Lifestyle:   Surya Kathpalia